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Ubean's Thrive Blend Coffee Review

Monday 26 June 2017 - 21:05:45

Today I had the pleasure of trying Thrive Blend. As their motto implies, it truly is a “Simply Amazing Coffee.” I received my coffee though the mail.  The first thing I noticed about it was the smell.  You know when you get a whiff of coffee you can tell if it is cheap store-bought coffee or really the good stuff? Well, this really was the good stuff.

I know when some of you try it for yourselves you will use a fancy Italian coffee maker or a French press. Today I chose to use my Keurig.  I figure many of the home coffee drinkers that chose to buy their coffee will use a pour-over coffee maker or a pod style machine like mine in my office it was important to try it out first for common use. Anyhow, I packed my refillable pod full with a light amount of pressure and set my Keurig for a large cup.

Personally, I am one of those foo-foo coffee drinkers, even though in my older years I can finally now drink my coffee black.  With this in mind, I chose to first try the blend with and without any cream or sugar. First trying it black, I noticed that it had a nice full flavor, that wasn’t overly acidic. For this reason, I think it could easily be drunk in the morning or afternoon, but personally, I could drink it anytime.  If you are looking for a light breakfast blend that doesn’t have much flavor or kick this isn’t your coffee.  This coffee has plenty of flavor pop.

I next tried the coffee with some Baily’s French Vanilla Creamer and a light amount of sugar.  Different from the coffee I normally drink while I am working I really thought the flavors of the Thrive blend went together better with Baily’s creamer. I really liked them together. I have not yet run it through a commercial machine yet, but from someone who previously has owned a coffee shop, I would proudly serve this to my customers.

Overall I would have to give this coffee an overall good review.  The packaging was nice. Mine came in an elegant black holding bag, which held the self-contained air sealed bag. I really liked that it is a Fairtrade, USDA organic coffee.In conclusion, I would give this coffee an A.

You can visit their page by going to simplyamazingcoffee.com.